Artificially Hilarious: AI Video Generation with a Twist

DeFi’s first motion image generator. Supply the KEK Bot with an image and custom script and let the neural engine work. Share your creations with friends, family, and the KEK community!

The Fun Part What KEK AI Built

AI Video Generation /
Talking Digital Humans

AI video generation/digital humans refer to the use of artificial intelligence algorithms to generate realistic and lifelike videos of human-like figures in virtual environments or as digital avatars.

StatusLive in Telegram
Free to UseFree trial. Stake tokens to use utility Telegram Command/kek {male|female} {your text here}

AI Meme Image Generator

Automatically generate humorous images with captions, often using popular meme templates and cultural references, to create content that is both shareable and entertaining.

StatusLive in Telegram
Free to UseYes Telegram Command/meme {your keywords or meme caption}

Chuck Norris AI Jokes

These jokes play off the perceived tough and unbeatable persona of the martial artist and action movie star, often featuring exaggerated claims about his abilities and strength.

StatusLive in Telegram
Free to UseYes Telegram Command/chuckvid - for Chuck Norris videos
/chuck - for random Chuck joke
/chuck {your keywords} - for related Chuck joke

AI Joke Generator

Uses artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically generate humor, often by combining puns, wordplay, and cultural references, to create jokes that can be both clever and amusing.

StatusLive in Telegram
Free to UseYes Telegram Command/joke - for random joke
/joke {keywords} - for related joke

AI Pickup Lines

They can range from cheesy to nonsensical, lacking the charm and personal touch that make human-created pickup lines effective in flirting and building romantic connections.

StatusLive in Telegram
Free to UseYes Telegram Command/pickup - for random pickup line
/pickup {keywords} - for related pickup line


Phase 1 - Prelaunch
  • Idea creation - to be an all-in-one AI solution
  • Market research
  • Website design / UX
  • Video generator
  • Telegram bot creation
  • Liquidity raise
  • Socials development
  • Token creation
Phase 2 - Product Devt
  • Initial marketing / KOLs
  • Meme generator
  • Jokes generator
  • Chuck Norris video facts
  • CMC listing
  • Additional meme templates
  • Tiered Staking system
  • Strategic migration to Arbitrum
Phase 3 - Tech Upgrade
  • Community building
  • Builder's grant
  • CG and other listings
  • Video generator upgrade
  • User and Celebrity voices for video generator
  • Image generator
  • Voice generator
  • Bot optimization
Phase 4 - As a Business
  • Business whitepaper
  • Business self sustainable economic model
  • Holders revenue sharing
  • Partnerships and CEX Listings
  • Talking NFT Collections
  • Talking Support Bot for websites
  • Team expansion


Total Supply 1,000,000,000

Tax 5% Buy / 5% Sell

Chain Arbitrum

CA 0x2067694cf3E2e16154F225a6e52Ae0e4386Fb77a

  • Burn


  • Staking


  • Liquidity Pool


  • Team


  • Reserves/Community